Episode Finding Home


Little J and Levi build the best cubby ever - unaware they are messing up a lawman's camp.

Ways of knowing and doing

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My Country
My Country
My Country
Legend: Both, None

General Capabilities

Comprehending texts through listening, reading and viewing
Composing texts through speaking, writing and creating
Text knowledge
Grammar knowledge
Word knowledge
Visual knowledge
Estimating and calculating with whole numbers
Recognising and using patterns and relationships
Using fractions, decimals, percentages, ratios and rates
Using spatial reasoning
Interpreting statistical information
Using measurement
ICT capability
Applying social and ethical protocols and practices when using ICT
Investigating with ICT
Creating with ICT
Communicating with ICT
Managing and operating ICT
Critical and creative thinking
Inquiring - identifying, exploring and organising information and ideas
Generating ideas, possibilities and actions
Reflecting on thinking and processes
Analysing, synthesising and evaluating reasoning and procedures
Personal and social capability
Social awareness
Social management
Ethical understanding
Understanding ethical concepts and issues
Reasoning in decision making and actions
Exploring values, rights, responsibilities
Intercultural understanding
Recognising culture and developing respect
Interacting and empathising with others
Reflecting on intercultural experiences and taking responsibility
Legend: Both, None

Cross Curriculum Priorities

OI.1 Australia has two distinct Indigenous groups: Aboriginal Peoples and Torres Strait Islander Peoples, and within those groups there is significant diversity..
OI.2 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities maintain a special connection to and responsibility for Country/Place throughout all of Australia.
OI.3 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples have unique belief systems and are spiritually connected to the land, sea, sky and waterways.
OI.4 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander societies have many Language Groups.
OI.5 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples’ ways of life are uniquely expressed through ways of being, knowing, thinking and doing.
OI.6 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples have lived in Australia for tens of thousands of years and experiences can be viewed through historical, social and political lenses.
OI.7 The broader Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander societies encompass a diversity of nations across Australia.
OI.8 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples have sophisticated family and kinship structures.
OI.9 The significant contributions of Aboriginal Peoples and Torres Strait Islander Peoples in the present and past are acknowledged locally, nationally and globally.