Wombat Rex: YEAR 2 - HASS - Explore

One night, Nanna teaches Little J, Big Cuz and Levi about the star constellations through stories of the past. At school, Ms Chen encourages the students to investigate the evidence of dinosaurs. Little J and Levi set out to find evidence of dinosaurs themselves, happening upon the fossil of Diprotodon, also called Wombat Rex.

Explore - Sort and record information and data, including location, in tables and on plans and labelled maps

Theme - PEOPLE

After viewing Little J & Big Cuz, Episode 2 ‘Wombat Rex’, engage students with the following activities to support their understanding of continuity and change of, and about, living things; place and space; and perspectives.

As a class, access the Early photographs – Indigenous Victorians

website and examine the photographs of Aboriginal peoples from the past. The collection of early photographs depict various Aboriginal groups and individuals and provides information about where they lived, how they lived and when they lived.

**Teacher note: Be aware that Aboriginal students and/or Torres Strait Islander students may not be allowed to view images of people who have died.

Have students view these images and use the I See, I Think, I Wonder visual thinking strategy to help them find more information about the people and the time.

Compare the photograph above (Culture Victoria website) with the illustrations by Aboriginal artist Tommy McRae found on the State Library Victoria, Analysing primary sources – first contact webpage. Ask students to observe the differences in how the artist portrays his Aboriginal community and the settlers. Ask students to respond to the following questions:

  • Which daily activities were portrayed in McRae’s drawings?
  • Compare the two images (Culture Victoria and SLV) and conclude which t is the most honest and reliable account of the people of that time? Have students also explain why they chose the image.

Have students access the ABCME ‘My Place’ website, and go to Episode 26: ‘Before time: ‘Barangaroo’. Move the cursor over the interface image to discover the hyperlinked areas. Click on 

  • Barangaroo’s hollow (play the association game)
  • Meet Barangaroo
  • Community tree
  • Barangaoo’s camp

Discuss the information and images the students find here that relate to how Aboriginal peoples and/or Torres Strait Islander peoples lived in the past. Have students further explore the information, and play the games and quizzes in My Place: ‘Before time: Bunda’ and ‘1778: Waruwi’.