Wombat Rex: YEAR 1 - Science - Elaborate

One night, Nanna teaches Little J, Big Cuz and Levi about the star constellations through stories of the past. At school, Ms Chen encourages the students to investigate the evidence of dinosaurs. Little J and Levi set out to find evidence of dinosaurs themselves, happening upon the fossil of Diprotodon, also called Wombat Rex.

Elaborate - Represent and communicate observations and ideas in a variety of ways

Theme - TIME

After viewing Little J & Big Cuz, Episode 2 ‘Wombat Rex’, engage students with the following activities about the observable changes in the landscape.

As a class, explore what students think about how the location where they live may have changed over time. Have students research what animals, plants and weather conditions existed in times past, such as prehistoric times, AD 1770 and AD2000

In small groups, ask students to create a data table to compare information about the changes that have occurred. Also, students can create a time diorama of the changes that have taken place to the landscape over time.

As a class, watch A Growing Community. Have students interview a member of the family who tends a garden or conserves a patch of land in the community. Develop a set of questions that students can ask the interviewee about how they look after the land, and what changes have taken place over time. Have students record the answers to the questions and upload the interview to a presentation with photographs to document their local area.

Alternatively, explore the micro environment by asking students to work in groups and photograph a small plot of land and/or turf multiple times over a period of time. The students may plant new seeds in the plot, water or not water the land. They can hypothesise what might happen to the land over time and in what conditions. Students should record the types of insects, birds, spiders, etc. that visit their land. The photo story could be voice or text annotated, displayed, and shared with the class.

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