Territories: YEAR 2 - HPE - Elaborate2

A possum disturbs Old Dog, and a ‘cranky’ magpie swoops at anyone who steps into the backyard. Little J and Big Cuz share a room and when Little J steps on Big Cuz’s art project, a disagreement over territory ensues. The result is a clear dividing line to mark their individual territory. But they discover they have to compromise on a shared space, and cooperate in order to move in and out of the room, and to get past the swooping magpie in the backyard. Their joint, inventive solution wins high praise from the class at ‘show & tell’.

Elaborate - Describe ways to include others to make them feel they belong.


After viewing Little J & Big Cuz, Episode 12 ‘Territories’, engage students with the following activities to support their understanding about cooperation, sharing, resilience and safety.

As a class, explore how different cultures used the skins of different animals to make cloaks/coats to protect them against danger, and also believed that by wearing a coat of the skin of the animal, they were empowered with its strength and qualities. Suggested resources:

Little J and Big Cuz worked together to find a solution to the problem of the magpie swooping on them. Their helmets were testaments to creativity, problem solving, and the usefullness of found, everyday items. As a class, nominate the items that the characters recycled to make their helmets (cereal packet, ice cream container, pipe cleaners, pegs, sticky tape, and foam balls). The features of the hats were made to look like scary faces.

Have students recall the animals featured in the episode:

  • Possum Pie
  • Cranky Magpie
  • Diamond python snake
  • Old Dog

Divide the class into four groups and nominate one of the animals to each group.. In these groups, have students nominate four characteristics their animal is known for, e.g. possums are nocturnal, have great eye-sight, are non- aggressive, are small and furry, great climbers, etc. Have the groups assign ‘qualities/attributes’ of character they believe their animal has, e.g. possum – hardworking, quiet; magpie – protective, caring; snake – agile, respected; dog – trustworthy, loyal, etc. To support students with language development, access

Have the groups select one –three colours that symbolise the characteristics and attributes of their animal (similar to a sporting team). Invite the group to design a helmet and/or shield that represents their animal mascot. The design should incorporate an image of the animal, the colours symbolic of its character, and the adjectives as text within the design. Invite each group to share their mascot and explain the decisions they made to complete the design.