Old Monster Dog:YEAR 2 -Design & Tech-Engage3

Little J is initially scared to approach the ‘monster’ in the back yard. Encouraged to face his fears, he vows to catch the frilly-necked monster and sets about building a monster trap with the help of Levi.

Engage - Identify how people design and produce familiar products, services and environments and consider sustainability to meet personal and local community needs.


Little J and Levi design and construct masks to scare the ‘frilly-necked monster’ away. By doing this, they were enacting the same reasoning that many cultures have adopted in the past about the functional purpose of a mask. View the video clip

List the purposes of the masks shown: ceremonial, spiritual, decoration, dance/drama characters, etc.

Quiz students with these questions:

  • What part of the body does the mask covers?
  • What types of decorations did they see on the masks?
  • What colours are used to scare and ward off evil spirits?
  • What style of pattern would represent their ‘frilly-necked monster?

Using a paper plate with eyes, nose, and mouth cut out, have the students draw and paint their patterns on the face mask. The patterns should mimic the face of their ‘frilly-necked monster. Attach string elastic to the sides of the mask for students to wear their mask. Have students form small groups to design and present a dance wearing their masks.

Suggested resource

  • School of fish 
    This is a resource that focuses on creating dance in unison with others. It includes three videos featuring dance teacher Katrina Rank demonstrating dances and warm-up activities. Also provided are: the 'Ocean song' in MP3 format; an activity sheet and underwater world template; questions for response and a link for students to upload responses to their activities to ARTS:LIVE; a glossary of terms; and teacher notes that include teaching and learning activities and suggestions for activities for other learning areas.