Old Monster Dog:FOUNDATION-Design & Tech-Explain3

Little J is initially scared to approach the ‘monster’ in the back yard. Encouraged to face his fears, he vows to catch the frilly-necked monster and sets about building a monster trap with the help of Levi.

Explore - the characteristics and properties of materials and components that are used to produce a designed solution.  Use materials, components, tools, equipment and techniques to safely make designed solutions.


On a table in the classroom, lay out a selection of domestic tools, e.g. a paint brush, a spoon, key, a thimble, a cooking pot, a can opener, a clock, peg, beaters, etc. Using a worksheet, ask students to identify the:

  • name of each object
  • function or purpose
  • materials used to make each object, e.g. plastic, metal, wood, glass, fabric, stone, etc.

Propose this scenario

The class has been transported to another planet where every tool has two functions.

Ask the class to suggest two tools out of the tools on the table that they would take with them to the planet. Then have each student explain what they would do with this new tool, and why they have combined these tools. Once everyone in the class has had their turn, ask students to draw or illustrate their multi-functioned object.

The illustration and the explanation should be entered into their Design journal.