Lucky Undies: YEAR 2 - HASS - Engage

Little J feels lucky when he wears a new pair of yellow undies. After Old Dog destroys them, he loses his confidence. Big Cuz saves the day with the remnants of the undies made into a sweat band, and Little J finds confidence to play the basketball game and win the day.

Engage - Pose questions about past and present people and events


After viewing Little J & Big Cuz, episode 1, ‘Lucky Undies’, engage students with the following activities to support their understanding of Little J’s sense of luck and superstition.

Sport can both unite and divide communities. In Australia, watching, participating in and commenting on sport are accepted and typical behaviours. Most people prefer identify with a specific ‘team’ and consider themselves ‘supporters’. Many sporting identities are revered like past gladiators and heroes.

Engage students with a discussion about their sporting idols. List their nominations in a ‘Hall of Sporting Fame’ and ask students to give reasons why they nominated their sporting identity. Make sure that the groups nominate a balance of sporting idols including Aboriginal and /or Torres Strait Islander sports’ stars, female sports’ stars, and disabled sports’ stars.

Suggested resources:

When the number of sports’ stars is comparable to the number of students in the class, put all names in a hat and each student selects one nomination from the hat. Make sure the student who nominated a sport’s star doesn’t receive that name in the lucky dip choice. The objective of the game is for students to find and share information about a sportsperson who they are unfamiliar with.

Group students according to the sport played by the stars, e.g. Australian Football League, Rugby League, swimming, basketball, etc. If there are sports with only one star nominated, group the students with those sports as one team. Ask the groups to find information about the sports’ stars and the sport/s played. Groups are to develop 5–10 questions and answers and submit them, orally or written.

Once all groups have provided their questions and answers, load them to Quizlet, or a similar quiz app. Students log into the Quizlet app for a live game of their own ‘Hall of Sporting Fame’ game. Teams can be randomly shuffled to play. If Quizlet is unavailable, organise a Trivial Pursuit style game.