Lucky Undies: YEAR 1 - HASS - Elaborate

Little J feels lucky when he wears a new pair of yellow undies. After Old Dog destroys them, he loses his confidence. Big Cuz saves the day with the remnants of the undies made into a sweat band, and Little J finds confidence to play the basketball game and win the day.

Elaborate - Present narratives, information and findings about family structures

Theme - FAMILY

After viewing Little J & Big Cuz, episode 1, ‘Lucky Undies’, engage students with the following activities to support their understanding of Little J’s sense of luck and superstition.

Many characters helped Little J on the day of the ‘big kids’ basketball game’. Ask students to identify how each character supported and encouraged Little J to successfully shoot the basket, e.g. Ms Chen encourages Little J to play in the team, Big Cuz and Levi train with him on the afternoon before the game, Big Cuz makes a headband of the destroyed undies.

Ask students to consider who helps them in their life: who are the people in their immediate family, extended family, carers, friends, and supporters? List some of these people and their roles in caring for them.

Suggested resource:

For different family structures associated with Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander families, refer to: Culture, Family and Kinship, Australian Institute of Family Studies

Present students with a concentric circle graphic organiser where the student is in the centre circle. Additional resource for graphic organiser templates:

Have students add the names (with illustrations) of their immediate family in the next circle, their extended family in the next outer circle, and so forth until they have a picture of all the people who look after them and are there to help them.

Ask students to do an oral or written presentation of a story about a family member and how that person encourages and supports the student to do their best. Encourage the student to illustrate the story as part of the presentation.