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Little J feels lucky when he wears a new pair of yellow undies. After Old Dog destroys them, he loses his confidence. Big Cuz saves the day with the remnants of the undies made into a sweat band, and Little J finds confidence to play the basketball game and win the day.

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After viewing Little J & Big Cuz, episode 1, ‘Lucky Undies’, engage students with the following activities to support their understanding of Little J’s sense of luck and superstition.

Bring to class a group of objects that you consider as special or ‘lucky’. Tell the students a story about each: how you obtained the object, why you keep it, who may have owned the object before you, where it comes from, and any sentimental reasons for why you don’t dispose of it. And, what you feel may happen to you if you don’t have the object. Discuss with students that people from many different cultures have beliefs about certain objects that make them special to them.

Suggested resources

Using PowerPoint, introduce students to a range of cultural objects believed to bring good luck, such as: a four leaf clover, a rabbit’s foot, a lady bird beetle, a horseshoe, the wish bone of the chicken, etc.

Ask students to consider what objects they possess that are special or lucky, e.g. a photograph, a toy, a ribbon, a lucky coin, a book, a necklace, etc. Have students create a profile card for the object, including the title, an image, and a description (if applicable). Create a digital album with the lucky objects, and record the students talking about their object.

Divide the class into smaller groups and ask the students to suggest events in a person’s life that is considered a ‘lucky’ time. For example:

  • The birth of a baby
  • Christening
  • Wedding
  • Birthday
  • Religious Holiday – Christmas, Easter, Bar mitzvah, etc.
  • National day – Australian Day, Anzac Day, Sorry Day
  • Ceremonial event.

Each group is to elect one event and develop a list of commemorative objects and symbols that are special to the event, e.g.

Birthday: cake, candles, presents, balloon, etc.