Big Plans: YEAR 2 - Media Arts - Elaborate2

Big Cuz and Little J are very excited that Sissy is coming to play with them over the weekend. They both see Sissy as their special friend. Big Cuz wants to play a ‘Sisters Only’ talent quest just for she and Sissy, and Little J plans an obstacle course for all to play. Eventually, Little J, Big Cuz and Sissy come together to test their skills on the obstacle course.

Elaborate - Create and present media artworks that communicate ideas and stories to an audience

Theme - GENRE

After viewing Little J & Big Cuz, Episode 13 ‘Big Plans’, engage students with the following activities to support their understanding about producing a news or sports report for Little J’s and Big Cuz’s school sports day.

Divide the class into smaller news teams of approximately six students:

  • Two x location reporters: to interview the race participants, Ms Chen as the organiser, and Nanna as the bystander
  • Two x studio presenters: to summarise the story, create interest and establish reasons why the story is important, question the reporters on location, interpret information for the audience
  • Two x production crew: camera person and sound recordist

Each group should create a list of the jobs to be completed in order to present their news program.

The groups should also:

1. Storyboard the news item’s story arc and include the timing/sequencing of the news report
Things to consider include:

  • opening titles
  • introduction to the reporter/s on location
  • list of interviewers and interviewees
  • length of interviews
  • location of interviews
  • pre and/or post interviews with summations of what was stated, perspectives, interest points, twists, etc.

2. Prepare the set and production equipment
Things to consider include:

  • allocate production equipment (real or imaginary) such as a video camera, iPad or mobile phone
  • make a set and find props of the in-studio presentation
  • design and make costumes and make-up (where necessary)
  • check sound and light levels

provide a framing plan of different shots to take of the action and competitors, etc.

3. Post-production elements of editing the news report.                                                                                                                                                   Things to consider include:

  • a beginning, middle, and end for the story line
  • total time for the report being 2 mins. (time slot)
  • logical interchange of scenes to situate the story

Each student should evaluate their own production, and recommend how the team could work together more effectively on future productions.

Suggested production resources: