Big Plans: YEAR 1 - Media Arts - Engage3

Big Cuz and Little J are very excited that Sissy is coming to play with them over the weekend. They both see Sissy as their special friend.  Big Cuz wants to play a ‘Sisters Only’ talent quest just for she and Sissy, and Little J plans an obstacle course for all to play. Eventually, Little J, Big Cuz and Sissy come together to test their skills on the obstacle course.

Engage - Explore ideas, characters and settings in the community through stories in images, sounds and text


After viewing the Little J & Big Cuz, Episode 6 ‘Big Plans’, engage students with the following activities to support their understanding of character, and the gestures, expressions, language, and moral choices characters portray in a story.

Prompt students to observe how Little J changes his voice and body gestures when he pretends to be ‘Brave J’.As a class, draw a comparison chart (e.g. T-Chart) of the different body gestures and tones of voice that Little J exhibits as himself, as ‘Brave J’ the competitor, and finally as ‘Compere J’ the game show host.

Have students demonstrate these changes in his character, and emulate the movements and stance he takes with the wooden spoon microphone. Have students suggest the type of character Little J becomes with each change of name. Discuss the meaning of ‘being brave’, and ‘being brave in front of an audience’ and have students decide which is more demanding.

Divide students into pairs and provide them with a Mind map and/or a Cluster map.

Have students conceptualise the character, ‘Brave J’, by suggesting personality traits and physical traits they feel a character like this should possess. Questions to prompt the students might be:

What is Little J’s voice like?

  • How does Little J stand and walk?
  • What does Little J look like?
  • Where does Little J live?
  • What is Little J’s favourite food?
  • What does Little J like to do when he is at home, or on Country?
  • Does Little J remind students of anyone they know? Who could that be?

To accompany the mind mapping, have students draw an image of the Brave J character dressed as a superhero.

Little J not only imagines himself as Brave J the competitor, he also becomes Compere J, the game show host. Ask students to consider the type of character traits a compere of a reality television show needs to have, particularly, the special language, gesture, expression, and body movements. Develop a second Mind map or Cluster map for Little J as a compere.

As a class, view the different styles of these game show hosts:

Use a Drama Freeze-Frame exercise with students to act out the three different personas of Little J (Little J, Brave J, Compere J) – have the students freeze and change between character when the name of the character is called out.

Suggested teacher resources for drama: