Big Plans: FOUNDATION - HPE - Explain

Big Cuz and Little J are very excited that Sissy is coming to play with them over the weekend. They both see Sissy as their special friend. Big Cuz wants to play a ‘Sisters Only’ talent quest just for she and Sissy, and Little J plans an obstacle course for all to play. Eventually, Little J, Big Cuz and Sissy come together to test their skills on the obstacle course.

Explain - Test possible solutions to movement challenges through trial and error


After viewing Little J & Big Cuz, Episode 13 ‘Big Plans’, engage students to participate in the following activities to support their understanding about games and how to solve new movement challenges that require different skills and techniques.

At the start and end of each session, conduct warm up and cool down stretches.

Select a number of different games for students to test their coordination, balance, timing, and strength skills, such as games for Level 1.

  • Overs and Unders
  • Tunnel Ball
  • U-run
  • Pass and Duck
  • Dribble and Pass
  • Balance Beam - (laying a 3-metre rope on the ground and having students walks along it, on foot in front of the other, where every step is a heel to toe exercise)

Refer to the following resources for descriptions of how to conduct each test:

Have the class brainstorm the skills these games required. Ask students to identify which is the most important for each game, e.g. balance, steadiness, agility, strength, speed, hand/eye coordination, changing direction, right-hand/left-hand coordination, strength, endurance, etc.

Select a set of skills from each of the games that individual students can practise. Invite students to combine 2–3 of these skills into a new movement sequence. Select three new combinations of skills for all the class to try. Have the student inventors teach the class their new skill challenge. Set up an area where individual students can be assessed on their abilities to complete the new movement sequence/s.

Hold a reflection activity, such as a Think-Pair-Share, after playing the games and ask students to assess the skills required within their movement sequence and to suggest any improvements.